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Meet Kelly


Kelly Carey has been an esthetician for 29 years, after completing a degree in 1995.


Kelly has worked in both a spa environment and private setting, which has allowed her to accomplish the ultimate goal of creating an intimate home studio, the Pampering Mermaid Skincare Studio, in Dennis, MA. The one on one contact that she has with each client helps her to connect through touch, making them feel better psychically and mentally. Pampering Mermaid has become a place to allow each client to relax and be able to decompress in this stressed out world.

She is state board certified and has kept up to date with all the changes to products and trends in the skincare industry. She has been using the superior product, Repechage facial and wax products for over 20 years. She is knowledgeable in products and treatments to help improve one’s appearance; by improving the outer it really promotes the inner beauty. Kelly's number one goal is to help people feel great about themselves.

The Pampering Mermaid Skincare Studio sanctuary has updated equipment, and a private space for each client to change and relax in prior to their treatment. Kelly's experience and treatments come from the years of watching what others did, and improving upon it. Her Cape Cod Facials include a neck, shoulder and arm massage while your mask is setting so that at no time are you sitting alone.

Kelly looks forward to meeting you today!


Kelly in her studio

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